Most isotope facilities have a need to prepare multiple sample matrices and, as such, require quite an array of preparation equipment. This equipment will most certainly experience problems related to functionality that will require refurbishment or replacement. This page is intended to help out with the refurbishment of this equipment, possibly saving labs lengthy delay times and money.

If possible please list your prep equipment here so that we can begin to address certain pieces of equipment related to preparation of samples. This will inevitably vary from lab to lab but hopeflly we can make the list extensive enough to benefit multiple users.

One tip to keep your microbalance in order is to have it calibrated on an annual basis using your own set of calibration standards (Class 4 or better) or having professionals perfrom the calibration.

Additionally having your own set of in-house calibration standards works well also. We have a metal and a plastic (to test static) standard that are weighed at the beginning and end of each day and recorded. This is in addition to the internal autocalibration functions on the microbalance. We also use an anti-static device which is kept next to the microbalance to eliminate static (especially during the winter months when the relative humidity is down to a minimum). On a datalogger we monitor relative humidity and temperature around the balance in case of problems.

Freeze dryers:

Grinding Equipment:

Cryogenic grinders - useful for samples that you have enough of because you will lose some sample using this method
Wiley Mills - useful for plant and soil samples
Mortar and pestle - the least accurate of the grinding methods

Drying ovens:

Turbo pumps and gauges:

Roughing/Rotary Pumps:

Vacuum Lines:

Laser systems: