elow is a short list of stable isotope suppliers, mainly labelled compounds. Information for standards can be found here, with lists of analytical labs here (commercial) and here (academic).

Stable Isotope Suppliers

Sercon Limited

Sercon are the UK distributor for the complete range of stable isotope labelled compounds

Cambridge Isotope Labs
Spectra Gases (18O water-see CIL above)
ICON Isotopes
C/D/N Isotopes
Omicron Biochemicals (sugars, nucleosides)
Sigma Breath Test
Los Alamos National Labs, stable isotope resource
Goss Scientific Instruments Ltd (UK)

Consumables Suppliers

EA logo web.jpg

EA Consumables, Inc. is the US distributor for Elemental Microanalysis Ltd range of products for all models of elemental analyzers, including, Carlo Erba, Thermo, Costech, Elementar, Eurovector, Europa(Sercon) and more. We have the broadest range of products from furnace tube, chemical reagents, over 400 types of tin/silver/nickel sample pans/capsules/boats, operational and service supplies as well as pure and natural standards for both compositon as well as isotopic values. All products as well as prices and available can be view at our Online store.

Sercon Limited

Sercon supply consumables of the highest quality for all isotope ratio monitoring mass spectrometers and elemental analysers. Our unique approach of providing the highest possible quality at the most competitive prices means that now all users can benefit from our products.

Isomass Scientific (Canadian supplier)

OEA Labs Ltd.

With 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and analytical services, OEA Labs provides a competitive one-stop-shop for all your elemental analyser consumables. Delivering from stock worldwide we never compromise quality, value or customer care.

OEA Laboratories Ltd
Unit C2 Florence Road Business Park
Kelly Bray, Callington
Cornwall, PL17 8EX, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1579 384174
Email: stuart.carter@oealabs.com

Elemental Microanalysis

We have a huge product range – thousands of products covering organic elemental analysis and inorganic elemental analysis, whatever your instrument or model (Leco®, Thermo, Perkin Elmer, Sercon, Exeter, Eltra, Horiba, Elementar, EuroVector, Costech, Shimadzu, Antek, VELP, Gerhardt) we can supply your needs from our extensive stocks.
Our purpose-built facility in Devon UK is fully accredited to ISO9001 and ISO17025. We offer tin and silver capsules, specialist reagents, quartz and glassware, IRMS reference materials and much more – everything you need for the daily operation of your analyser.
We are a specialist in EA consumables – we spend our days developing, improving, testing and refining our production. We have been doing that for almost 40 years. For this reason we are very confident of the performance and quality of our products and offer a full money-back guarantee.


We are dedicated to serving the EA and EA-IRMS communities and providing high quality affordable consumables and analytical services. Based in Cornwall in the UK we have a global reach with a local perspective.
We have a range of services including:
  • Consumables for Elemental Analysers
  • Stable Isotope Analysis
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Supply of Laboratory Equipment
  • Worldwide Shipping